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Greg Jackson lit a candle on 08/06/2013: "My soul is troubled how so many church leaders stood by and watched this man of God suffer with a eating disorder."
Patricia McLay lit a candle on 08/05/2013: "Love this man. When he sings my body just trembles then the Holy Ghost comes and I just praise him. But, he is resting."
Ann Mcknight lit a candle on 06/26/2013: "rest on rev moore"
Debra Robinson lit a candle on 06/21/2013: "just finish listening to your music on you your voice may it live on in our hearts for years to come.RIP."
Tiffany Denmark lit a candle on 06/07/2013: "Never Forgotten"
Sis. Linda Amos lit a candle on 06/06/2013: "Still blessing others even in your absence on earth"
Portia Ngonyama lit a candle on 05/10/2013: "his voice is a blessing he is a conducter in heavan"
Rosalie Sherrell lit a candle on 05/03/2013: "God called you home your work down here was done. You will be missed !!!"
Kathy lit a candle on 04/28/2013: "Today, I was blesed to watch a video of you singing"Oh, how I love Jesus" It had touched my soul."
Shelly-ann Carvalho-Williams lit a candle on 04/28/2013: "A very anointed man of God. He is awesome and even after his death, the anointing is still there. POWERFUL voice."
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