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a longtime fan from age 10  / Quita Anderson

My sister and i just talked about taking family road trips and listening to the rev. james moore's music. it was pure and traditional. "god don't need no matches" almost made my dad pull the car over and we all was about to get out and shout! this man believed in going back to church. i'm 29 now and no matter how much the industry changes music  wise his songs are still on time no matter what you're going through.

with james moore, mahalia jackson, dr. mattie moss clark and ron winans...i'm surprised we can't hear heaven from down here.

god bless you all.


James Moore was a dear friend to me.  James introduced me to so many new ways and new people in Christ.  I will forever be greatful that he was my friend. I know that he is resting and singing as no other could for the Master!
musician,singer / Brenton Northern (biggest fan )
To me, this man was and is still the best vocalist male or female.For me not to have met him,I love him so much.Because of him,I am now using my gift of song.I've just starting singing last year and I just turn 20yrs old.I have a collection of him that is still building.His voice blesses me to this day.I love you James.RIP.
I ASK GOD  / Linda (Friend)
I ask God for a flower and he gave me a big garden.

I ask God for a tree and he gave me a big forest

I ask God for water and he gave me a big  ocean

I ask God for the  WORLD  and he gave me  James Moore .

My  heart  is  now  lost  forever.
On top  / Bro. Jerry Sandoval (christian)
Michael Jordan said he was going to retire while he was at the top of his game, 
James Moore had one of the top voices in gospel music, God took him home leaving behind something other singer will want to achieve. Bless the family and James spirit still lives
Peace / Alona Chandler (Fellow Christian )
Behold the upright for the end of that man is PEACE: Psalms 37

and the work of righteousness shall be peace Isiah 32
Rev. Moore has peace now
Thank You  / Michelle Johnson

Thank you Lord for the gift you gave Rev. Moore to share with us.  Many wished they had it, but you put it in the hands of a common person and I hope you believed he handled it well.

Look around  / Perry Gamble
When we look around at all the things we have today as african americans and all the progress that we have made.  The one thing that remains constant is the strength of the black church and the power of black ministers.  Those anointed and appointed by God continue to be our symbols of strength. The power that Rev. Moore had not only in his voice but in his ministry is understandable.  I pay my respect today to his powerful ministry that touched my life.
My Tribute  / Christine G.
This is not a condolence because I know those who are believers never die.  I love Rudolph Stanfields work and when he paired with Rev. Moore, it couldn't be anything but dynamic.   Bless his legacy
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