The Reverend James Leslie Moore, Sr
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when I am down  / Ivory Bonner
When I am feeling down, I still listen to Rev.moore's music because a lot of this stuff on the radio now, I can't even tell that it is a gospel song.  Traditional soul moving spiritual songs like those old Dr. Watts songs are what help carry me.
Artist keeping in touch with the spiritual traditions of our roots are getting scarce every year.  I did not know Rev. Moore personally to attend the funeral but I truly appreciate the legacy of Rev. Moore and that's why I took the time to write on the page.  It is kind of sad that the more we get away from tradition and turn to "new ways"  It seems our children keep getting worse.  This site is a beautiful memorial.
I was young  / Kimya West
I was only 13 when Rev. Moore passed away so I don't really remember  a lot of his music.  My mother still has his tapes and that's the only way I really know of him because his music is not widely played on the radio anymore.  In class the teachers always bring up names we never heard and tell stories we never heard before and we must share it with the class to shed some light on "unknown" history facts.  This website in wonderful and I wrote a paper on the story of Rev. Moore and health facts.  I got a 'B' on the paper,  I would have gotten an 'A" but
when I typed it I had a lot of spelling errors.     Wish I could go back in time and hear him in person.
Never how it looks  / Tim Wells (aspiring singer )
Things are never the way they look from the outside.  The grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side.  While you may sit and be moved by wonderful singing, just know the same deliverance you may receive, the same uplifting you may feel, the way your heart is being moved as you listen.  Those words are doing the same for the person singing, those in the spotlight get lonley, feel down, get depressed, get confused and have troubles too.  I believe this great STAR didn't just sing to get glory and praises from fans, dealing with  the hard trials of the music industry, I believe his singing was his way of ministering to himself.  The  New King of Gospel lives on!
Shining light  / Gloria O'Neal

We all know people who have great talent that no one knows about.  There was a divine reason why God did'nt let this legends talent be "hidden under a bushel"   To see how diabetes tore him down is heartbreaking, but we are all here  in an appointed season for a divine purpose.  God obviously felt that a job had been well done and it was time for a reward.  I love Rev. Moore's voice, he truly touched my heart.   For those people who say Rev.Moore has been gone for years so why write a tribute now?  This site will be online forever, gospel music is a part of my history growing up and all my life.  If my grandchildren look at this site, I want them to see that I wrote on the page of one of the Great  Legends in Black history in Gospel Music.

Soul Music  / Arnold Schaffer

This is the first time I have heard this awesome singer, I am not very versed on gospel singing, but I have been truly inspired to listen to more Soul Music.
Rev. Moore was truly Wonderful, my heart is touched by his short  life.

Remembering / Jerry Cook (freedom mbc )
I read the interview by Rev. Moore, and it is true that some many people call and come over around the time of the funeral and they will remember you the 1st year then after that it's over.  If you request a James Moore song now, with all the new artist, they don't even have his records at the radio station, they must "make room for the new"    I am overjoyed to see this site, it is a blessing to his legacy
Thank God  / Arnez C.
Thank God for the time he allowed Rev. Moore to share with us,  many hearts were touched.  I believe it is almost impossible for anyone to continously do the good works of the Lord and not be effected.    Bless you Sis. Denmark for honoring the man of God
Lift up one another  / Sis. Sadie Myers
Bless Rev. Moore's soul.  Those of us who are here lets lift one another up in prayer and support one another.  We don't have to completely agree on issues be we can still support the cause.  Other races make sure those who are important are recognized.  Lets stop using our hands to tear down and use them the build up.
Happy / Bro. Frank Gilbert
I am happy to see, honor and respect being given to a man who carried out the calling of God.  Rev. Moore touched the lives of many and he did good works.  Only God can judge what was in his heart. Only God really knows who, what, when and why.   Bless Rev. Moore's soul
Love / Barb Townsend
The dove release was such a heart touching and sweet remembrance tribute, to send your love up to Heaven to Rev. Moore was so moving. Just looking at the picture of the dove in flight shows a powerful gesture from the heart. I hope he know how much he was loved when he was here.
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