The Reverend James Leslie Moore, Sr
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My heart is moved  / Larry Hunt
I am truly moved by all of the people who still love and think enough of 
Rev. Moore to remember him all these years later, I pray that my life will be one that I leave such a legacy that long after I am gone people will still remember me.
Blessed / Sis. Gray
Rev. Moore  blessed others with his singing and he was blessed.  Bless the lady for creating this website she will be blessed for blessing Rev. Moore's memory
Preacher / Georgia Fan
He wasn't  just a good singer, he was an anointed preacher and I loved him more than words will ever be able to describe.  He will be missed for many years
Nice / Linda
This is a very nice way of remembering Rev. Moore,  this is my first time hearing him, he was really wonderful
The Greatest  / Shanta (The Rink )
He was one of the greatest and most powerful spirit-filled singers that I have ever heard
Bless you  / Mary P.
Bless the person who created this site, that was very sweet
Inspiration / Tammy (watched from afar )
Just like me Rev. Moore was just a regular person from Detroit who reached his goals, and his accomplishments have inspired me to reach for my dreams
Blessed / Fan From Wisconsin

   We all are missing you

Blessing / Annie L.

Rev. Moore is still blessing me with his music ministry from above.  A person who can still effect your life long after they have left earth, can not be forgotten.

Envy / John M. (laborer in the struggle )
Although, you are no longer here, you are STILL envied by many
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