The Reverend James Leslie Moore, Sr
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Tributes and Condolences
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Loved / Joann
You are still Loved
Endured / Mrs. Sims
He endured the trials of answering his call to the ministry and now he has received his reward.  Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, Hallalujah!
Courage / Rev. Sims
I don't want to preach a sermon on the page, but it takes a man with a sincere heart to walk in his calling and stay faithful, Rev. Moore was faithful!
Blessed / Sis. Glass (Good Shepard COGIC )
Rev. Moore was not only a blessed singer, but he was a beautiful person and nice people are always missed.
Eternal life  / Bro. Glass (Good Shepard COGIC )
My brother was saved therefore he is not dead, he yet lives.
Fellow Minister  / Robert
As a fellow brother in the ministry, I honor Rev. Moore and he left a powerful impression on the lives and hearts of many.  For many years to come he will be remembered and although he is not here his work for the Lord will continue to bless souls
Loved / Joan
Although he is not with us anymore, he is still loved and admired!
Remembered / Mark (Houston, TX )
In some of his last music videos, it is obvious that he is tired, but he continued on.  His faithfullness will never be forgotten. "Rest in peace"
angel / Sara Lynn (Lincoln)

He had one of the most powerful and beautiful voices that I have ever heard

Sane / Believer at Fort Meade, MD (not suppose to be on internet )

Listening to Rev. Moore's SANE gospel music that is spiritually understandable, help to keep my  mind at peace during so many lonley nights.  I must pay my tribute for how he helped me.

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